Message of Superintendent and Secretary / Treasurer

Somerville Schools have a history of excellence in the field of education. Somerville International School is the latest addition to our schools. Here we provide quality value- based education using the latest teaching aids. The school is air-conditioned to provide maximum comfort to our young ones, especially during the hot summer months. Extra-curricular activities are given due importance to provide an all-round development of the personality of each child.

Our goal is to create a warm, caring, and safe environment where our young charges have the opportunity to reach their highest potential. Our pedagogy motivates the students to become life-long learners and to improve their self-esteem and confidence to become good citizens and leaders of our great country.

Times have changed and the demand put on students today is quite different and more stressful than those of a few decades ago. Careful planning and a good relationship between the school and parents is a must as it can make your child’s experience in our school a pleasant one. Success in school requires thoughtful organization and commitment from all concerned. When the home and school work hand in hand with a shared vision, we can make a positive and rewarding change in the future our children. We look forward to your full hearted cooperation in this mutually beneficial alliance.

May our Lord bless Somerville International School, its staff and students.


Thomas T. Roy

Secretary/Treasurer, Lott Carey Baptist Mission in India.