Dear Parents,

In my letter to you a few days ago, I had mentioned that we were in the process of starting online classes for students. We had been exploring various online options to use for live classes with our students. With cyber-crimes on the rise, we had to be particularly cautious when we asked our students to come online. Hence procuring a secure platform was of paramount importance.

It has been two weeks since the classes started in the form of worksheets and study material being mailed to our students, in the evolving situation of the continuing lockdown. The situation now warrants moving to online classes, but through a safe platform only. Our computer teams have been working on getting things arranged and sorted to suit our diverse needs. The process took time because of the lockdown.

The platform that has eventually been selected is Microsoft Teams/Classroom, where each student uses the email id submitted by their parents to the school. The teacher is in control of the number of students and the proceedings of the lesson designed by her/him, so she/he has to be thorough, prepared and vigilant at all times.

Online classes through Microsoft Teams will soon commence and the class schedules will be sent to you on your registered emails.

Please take careful note of the following information:

1. The classes will begin in phases starting with Classes IX to XII.

2. The invitation to join the class will be sent on the registered email address. The student must simply click on join the meeting to enter the classroom.

3. The Classes will be held from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm with four lessons in a day, the schedule of which will be provided to you.

4. All students are to follow the link and the instructions of teachers and must attend each class. Attendance will be marked in every class.

5. Students must be prepared for the class. The required material for the topic being taught, that is the PDF of the chapter and the worksheets will be sent by the teachers in advance. The students must be ready with all the stationery required so that they do not have to leave for any reason at all during the session.

6. All students must wear proper uniform while attending the classes. Discipline must be maintained at all times.

7. Microphones of all students must be switched off while the class is on, unless specified by the teacher.

8. Parents must maintain a vigil for students of junior and middle classes while the class is on and help if students require any technical help from them for the smooth functioning of online activities.

We look forward to your cooperation in making this endeavor a success.


With regards,

Sujata Chawdhry


Somerville International School